1.Google Analytics Integration

We grab your site data from Google Analytics (GA). This must be setup on your store to use Raison.

If you have GA setup then head to your Settings page and click Add New Account.

Integrating Google Analytics to your store

Each e-commerce platform will have their own preferred method. We will keep a list of guides below. If you need help then please contact us and we can integrate for you.

Google Analytics official guide
WooCommerce Guide
Shopify Guide

2.Dashboard - Changing Comparison Metrics

On the right-hand side you can choose the following options from the drop-down:

  • Month on Month (default) – This compares your current month against the previous month
  • Year on Year – This compares the current month against the same month the year previous
  • Target – This compares the current month against the target set

Please note if you have a proposal then you can also compare against this proposal.


  • Head to the Experts directory and choose an Expert. You can view their speciality and read reviews about them on their page.
  • Click on Message Me to contact them. We suggest outlining your expectations.
  • Share your data for the Expert to provide a proposal based on your data.
  • Once this Proposal is complete the Expert will contact you via a message.
  • You will also see a proposal in your dashboard.
  • To proceed with the proposal please click the Buy Now button on the proposal page

4.Expert Reviews

  • Head to the Experts directory.¬†
  • Choose the Expert and go to their¬†individual page
  • You can submit a review here.

Please include information about how the results compared to the proposal.

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