Building our ecommerce email reports

We’re about to re-build our ecommerce email reports for YoGrow. Can you help us make them awesome?

Let me tell you how we’ve changed and why we’re remaking them. Originally we built YoGrow as a WooCommerce reporting module. Our email reports were very number focused. We just had the actual figure, the target figure and the difference.

original email report

This is how the original email reports used to look

We had many requests from other ECommerce platforms to use YoGrow, so we built YoGrow to work with everyone. All you need is a Google Analytics account to integrate with us now. As we got more customers using YoGrow we got more feedback. We rebuilt our dashboard to make it much more human. Much easier to read and understand.

It made us realise we needed to relook our emails too. So currently we’ve disabled them and we’re building them afresh.

We’d love to share what we’re planning and also find out what you would like. If you can let us know what you like (and don’t like) then we’ll make a better product and hopefully make your reports that little bit better!

Email Reports need to be great

Let’s talk about email.

Everyone uses email. It’s the major success story of the internet. It goes hand-in-hand with the web. We just take it for granted and there have been many people claim they have a the ‘new email’. But it’s still here and we love it.

Mostly… You see we also get frustrated with emails. Who hasn’t tried to spring clean their inbox only to find it is full to the brim within a week.

Email is great… but it can easily be frustrating.

It’s something we’re taking into consideration for our ecommerce email reports. We think a successful email (and this isn’t just for reports) should have the following qualities:

  • relevant
  • disposable
  • topical
  • to the point
  • clean / mobile friendly

It has to be something that keeps you upto date and can be deleted without any worry.

It doesn’t need to be a work of art. It needs to be clean, simple and functional.

Just as well, because these have been our guiding principles to build YoGrow.

Existing ECommerce Analytics Email Reports

We’re working on top of Google Analytics. YoGrow collects this data and presents it better. We’re focused just on the ecommerce data, whereas Google Analytics looks at everything.

But it’s important to note that you can create a custom ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics and you can create automated email reports in Google Analytics.

So, why are we making email reports?

Well, the answer is two-fold:
– the current reports from Google Analytics are not focused enough.
– they use a PDF download

When you are on the go, you need to have a clean, concise and relevant report. PDFs just don’t cut it. Perhaps if you need to print out the data for the board. Perhaps in 1995. But now we need to know what’s going on while it’s going on.

So we realise there is definitely a need for a better email report. So this is our plan.

What we’re including in our ecommerce emails

We want to keep the look and feel of the emails similar to the current dashboard.

We’re looking at two options at the moment.

First Option

This first option is to take the current dashboard and present it as an email. We’re already using a simple text based layout, so there isn’t need for complicated table formatting which can break on smaller screens.

A new email mockup

An early mockup of the new email – just taking our dashboard and putting it in email

Second Option

The second option is to go even simpler. Just a pure text email. We will transcribe each metric per line.

Hi Susan,

There are 11 days of the month left. At this rate you will hit your revenue target!

Your revenue is up 18% from the last month and up 40% from last year.

This is how you are doing so far this month:

  • Revenue is £6,720 which is down 10% from the target of £5,500
  • You have 48 orders which is 2 less than the target of 50
  • Traffic is at 2200 visits which is 220 more than the target of 2000
  • Conversion Rate is at 2.2% which is 0.3% less than the target of 2.5%
  • Average Order Value is at £80 which is £10 more than the target of £70

Talk Soon – The YoGrow Team

The Verdict

We’re tempted to choose the second option and I’d love to know what you think. Send us an email or leave a comment below.

Do you think email is better when simple? Are there any other metrics you’d love to see?

We’re planning to send these every week – would you prefer to get this just once a month or something completly different.

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