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If you’ve just arrived let me fill you in a little. YoGrow has been launched for a few months. Previous to YoGrow we were called Grow with WooCommerce. Version one was an ecommerce analytics tool for WooCommerce. We soon had some requests for other ecommerce platforms and launched YoGrow.

But, we had another idea. We knew that ecommerce stores were struggling to find great experts to help them grow their businesses. I’m talking about marketers, conversion specialists and the like. I’ve also written about this a bit here – the problem with people marketplaces

So, for two months we changed the focus of YoGrow. We brought on twenty experts and developed an interface so that they can create targets which can be tracked. The idea being that a store owner could hire an expert through YoGrow and track their return on investment. They could hire in confidence.

Why the change of direction?

It’s been two months and we’re changing direction. We’re not scrapping the expert marketplace, but it is no longer our prime focus.

We are returning to our original focus – simple ecommerce analytics.

Why? Well, we know the problem is real for ecommerce stores. They are struggling to hire the experts who can deliver good results. But we discovered quite a few things about selling services.

The first is that our Experts were mainly selling their services at +£500 per month. This is a big ask for many. It’s a big financial commitment. Often these hires take quite a lot of conversation and hand-holding before a commitment to purchase.

Second, we discovered many users using our tool with their existing relationships. Store owners have already gone through their own journeys to discover experts they trust. Rather than use someone new from a new marketplace, we realised our strength lay in providing an interface to calculate the quality of existing relationships.

Our new focus as an ecommerce reporting tool

With this in mind we have changed our positioning. We have returned to our roots to provide a tool that creates great ecommerce reports.

Our Experts can still be found in our gigs section, but our emphasis is on our reporting tool.

What’s coming next?

We’re investing in making our tool even better. One thing in particular is our reporting emails which we are re-building from the ground up. Watch this space!

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