Blogging Package

$140.00 / month

Customers LOVE sites who share their knowledge. Invest in quality content and get repeat customers. Reap the benefits of engaging and entertaining regular blog posts on your website.

Sold By: Izzy Crouch
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So you know the tired expression “Content is King”, well what that really means is that to create an engaging user base you need to give real value to the customer. You need to talk to them in an interesting way about interesting things.

Now let’s say we’ve got an amazing article. This will be shared on social media and to the person friends. You’ll get some first-hand referrals – the best kind. Then say some bloggers like what you’ve said, then you can get link backs to your site – GREAT for SEO.

Finally, you’ll create a conversation about who you are and what you do. You’ll comments and interest. This all leads to your brand recognition and trust. The secret ingredients to complete a sale.

Good content is not just about increasing traffic, it helps across the board to increase your revenue.

Now the good part – content lives on. Whereas you can get immediate results with paid search, a good blog post will keep on going, and going. It will deliver you more results as it gains authority. The best part is, you will have already invested in the work so no more cost to you.

Expectations for store owner

I will regularly add 3x blog posts per month. I research and talk in a friendly tone. We make articles genuinely interesting.

This will boost your SEO, brings more traffic to your site and positions you as the leaders and experts in your market. We will post regular blog posts on your website that will inspire, interest and engross your audience. All blogs will be search engine optimised and written in the style of your brand voice.

What we need to start work

We’ll need access to Google Analytics, any keywords you like to use and access to your blogging platform.