ECommerce Strategy Pack

$149.00 / month

We work with e-commerce stores to create an actionable plan and help them implement it. Want growth? We'll map out the targets you need and help you reach them.

So you’ve got your store up and running. Now, where are the sales! Well, you might have some but we need to GROW your site. Just how do we do that? Well, that’s what we’ll be helping you with. We’ll get you set up with a marketing strategy which you can track. We’ll put all the foundations in place so you can start marketing and track what works and what doesn’t.

Forget the buzzwords and the jargon. We speak human. We’ve been working with E-Commerce stores for over five years and can quickly identify your low hanging fruit.

We’ll send you a monthly report with advice and action points for you to follow. Together we’ll get everything in place for you to grow your business.

Expectations for store owner

We’ll work from all angles. We’ll inncrease Conversion Rate, improve the Average Order Value and get you more Traffic. Now, it would be dishonest to say this can happen with the click of your fingers, but we set a strong strategy for you that we have seen deliver results.

The best part is you can see the results too. We’ll add all our targets into the YoGrow dashboard so you can monitor your site. The dashboard is super simple and jargon free. Perfect to get a quick understanding of how business is going.

What we need to start work

We will need access to all your marketing accounts and site backend. We’ll also need your time as we request a monthly phone call to go through everything over the phone.