Email Marketing Package

$1,200.00 / month

Email Marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools at your exposure and has a great Return on Investment. We'll send engaging emails, grow your leads and nurture them.

Sold By: James Dempster

Creating customers is all about building trust and awareness. That’s why email is such a powerful tool for so many brands. You get to have a conversation and develop someone from interest through to sale.

So, do you have a form that says “Signup to our newsletter” already? Wonder why no-one signs up? Well, that’s what we’ll address here. We’ll create an inviting incentive to increase your leads – something that can’t be refused.

Once we capture the leads we then nurture them. All that means is we’ll give them really valuable emails, emails that they are bursting to open. We build a rapport and gain trust. We show your company as an authority.

This creates an engaged customer base and drives sales.

The key to this is a strategy that works and the content that delivers. We’re experts in this and we use all the data from the email campaigns to inform what works and doesn’t work, so you can be confident that the email marketing is continually optimised.

Expectations for store owner

We’ll build your list, increase in open rate, get you more engaged clientele and get you more leads

What we need to start work

We will need access to all your email marketing accounts and site backend.


Which email marketing platforms do you use

We have our preferred partners we can set you up with, but are also happy to use what you already have setup. The key is the strategy and the content that drives the campaigns