Managing your affiliate programme

$400.00 / month

Affiliate marketing can reap huge growth for e-commerce. We can assign a commission sales campaign for your store which incentivises affiliates to grow your sales.

Sold By: Nick Skoberne
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You need an array of marketing services to grow your traffic and grow your sales. Affiliate marketing is about creating finiancial incentives for whole networks of professionals to promote your site and generate sales.

You can setup a percentage commission for the sales someone generates. This let’s you grow with a minimum upfront investment.

However anyone who has tried affiliate marketing knows it is not that simple. Affiliates need nurturing. To promote your products they will need targeted, relevant and topical promotions.

If it’s Christmas, they’ll need specific products on offer, promotion codes that are XMAS related and bespoke landing pages that link with the specific affiliate. This managment makes you an attractive and simple opportunity for the affiliate networks and helps you rise to the top. As you become more attractive to affiliates your sales will increase.

What we need from you

If you already have an affiliate network relationship we’ll need access to that. We’ll also need access to your ecommerce backend and/or a feed of your products with prices.