Managing Facebook advertising

$400.00 / month for 3 months

Boost your sales with lazer sharp traffic. We’;; use Facebook’s detailed profiling to create adverts that are super targeted and high converters that can grow your revenue.

Sold By: Nick Skoberne

Facebook marketing is super focused. We can look at age, sex, interests, location and much much more to learn who to target. We can use that level of detail to find customers that are a really tight fit for your store

We’ll create a unique profile for you and an advert that grabs attention. These are then optimised to create a high performing and low-cost campaign that can be repeated.

For many people the internet IS Facebook. It is a fantastic place to talk to your customers and because we can be so targeted there is a great return on investment for each click you get.

Expectations for the Store Owner

This is all about inbound traffic. Because we are optimising for conversions the traffic will be very high quality. That means it will be highly converting traffic.

As with all paid advertising, campaigns are optimised ongoing. This means that they are more succesful after time. As we learn who to target we get better results, so be prepared to see your results improve over time.

What we need to start work

We’ll need access to your Facebook Advertising portal and your store backend. If you need help setting this up, we can do that for you.