Google AdWords & Bing Boost

$400.00 / month

We'll send high converting traffic straight to your e-commerce store. Get a bespoke marketing campaign that's managed and optimised for sales.

Sold By: Nick Skoberne

Paid traffic is a key part of a growth-hackers tool kit. Done right it can deliver fantastic ROI, done poorly it can burn a hole in your pocket. So what makes the difference?

It’s been said that a site never has a traffic problem, it has a conversion problem. Because we can use Google and Bing to create adverts and get clicks. They key is to get quality traffic that converts. Getting more revenue from the cost of the Adverts.

The good news is with YoGrow everything is tracked, so you’ll be able to clearly see your Return on Investment, but how do we achieve it? What tricks do we use?

Well it’s quite simple, but it’s hard work. We optimise the Adverts and the Audience.

The Adverts are created to be as honest as possible. We only want those who are most suitable to click. So, if you are searching for a very specific item and you stock it, then we’ll have a targeted advert that is optimised for that search rather than a generic advert which might not be relevant.

That means creating lots of adverts for lots of different contexts.

Then the audience. This is where we make sure we target the correct people. We’ll learn who your customers are and what they search for. We’ll then investigate what variations of keywords they use and create attention-grabbing adverts that answer the search question.

We’ll send you traffic that converts on ROI. That means we’ll look at the average spend of your traffic and optimise your paid search traffic to bring traffic that converts for your price point.

What we need to start work

We’ll need access to your Google AdWords account, Bing account and your store.


I already have a campaign setup, can you use that

Yes, we’ll get insights from your existing data and use that to inform the strategy

Do I need to add any JavaScript or Tracking to the site

Each Ecommerce platform is different and we can advise on this once we learn more about your store – but the short answer is Yes, both Adwords and Bing are used across many ecommerce stores and integration is not tricky.