SEO Strategy and Analysis

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Receive a full SEO analysis of your website, your offsite SEO and an analysis of your main competitors along with an actionable and achievable plan to improve each month.

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Search is a fantastic way to be discovered. We all know the importance of it. Just Google it has become our goto answer if we’re not sure. And it’s how your customers are using the internet.

But how do you get found? The internet is abound with theories and schemes and the truth is there is no magic wand. Google does not work like that. But there are strategies and it all comes down to the purpose of Google: Google is trying to give the best answer to the question posed.

That means if I search for the Best Running Shoes then it better answer that question. If they don’t then they loose their customers.

Our strategy looks at the kinds of questions that your customers are asking and helps you build a strategy around that. We’ll look at your competitors and improve upon their work. That’s right, to grow you can look at the weakness and strengths in your competitors.

We’ll list out which keywords to target, what your onsite content should be and the onsite technical items that can sometimes be lacking.

Expectations for store owner

SEO is not overnight but it is evergreen. That means that once you plant that tree it grows and grows all year round. That’s why SEO is considered fantastic return on investment.

What we need to start work

Access to your Google Analytics
List of 3 main competitors