Simple ECommerce Analytics

Ecommerce insights for businesses too busy for Google Analytics.

Set targets to keep your sales and growth on track

Live performance dashboard always up to date

Easy to understand email reports of your store - no jargon

Compare data against past months or years to see trends

Do you have Google Analytics installed, but don't get actionable results from it?

We analyse your online shop data from GA to save you time, money & help you grow your business

Get started in seconds, no coding knowledge required, get reports like this:

Your weekly ecommerce report for Tuesday 12th November 2019

You're on target - keep it up.

There are 11 days of the month left. At this rate you will hit your revenue target!

Your revenue is up 18% from the last month and up 40% from last year.

Compare this month's performance against

You have 110% of your traffic.
Your Conversion Rate is down 0.7%
Your average order value is up $10
Your orders are down 2

This Months Metrics
2220 visits
2000 visits
2.5 %

"Its like having a Sales Director reporting on your online shop!"

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